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  • Joshua Huynh Avatar
    Joshua H.

    Super good Stromboli. The bomber was an awesome pizza. Highly recommend getting you pizza here. Not a fan of the “Columbus cut” but if you’re… read more – 10/13/2021

    Lindsey Charley Avatar
    Lindsey C.

    GRACYN IS THE BEST EMPLOYEE EVER. she’s so nice and is cute too. go flyers i love u – 10/12/2021

    Roger Alan Avatar
    Roger A.

    Great staff, always seem happy to be there. Food is just as good! – 10/12/2021

  • Bigg on Bigg Avatar
    Bigg o.

    Just ordered my 1st pizza from here while in town. I’m a truck driver and I really prefer to not eat truck stop pizza. So… read more – 10/10/2021

    Mellissa Forte Avatar
    Mellissa F.

    We ate inside. The service was great and of course our pizza was on point! – 10/10/2021

    George Calloway Avatar
    George C.

    This Is A Great Pizza With A Great Staff. Warm Employees, That Dedicate Theirselves To High Quality Service…A1…. – 10/09/2021

  • Aaron Scott Avatar
    Aaron S.

    Great pizza ! Food come out hot quick and good service ! – 10/06/2021

    Scott Obryan Avatar
    Scott O.

    Best pizza in Ohio. Its our go to pizza place. The price is high but the taste is worth it. – 10/04/2021

    steeler gang Avatar
    steeler g.

    Ordered flyers for the first time at home..always had it work when the bosses have pizza Thursday..but its usually cold by the time I get… read more – 9/25/2021

  • Anthony Kaltenbach Avatar
    Anthony K.

    Awesome pizza… very clean!
    The staff was excellent!
    – 9/22/2021

    joey shearer Avatar
    joey s.

    Best pizza and sub I’ve ever had, fast and friendly service. I’d highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in the Columbus area – 9/21/2021

    Susan Avatar

    There was a mishap with my order this evening and it accidentally didn’t get sent through from my order taker (who was very friendly). The… read more – 9/20/2021

  • Dawn List Avatar
    Dawn L.

    My favorite pizza place. The food is excellent and the staff are always friendly. The company is very generous in their support of… read more – 9/18/2021

    Patricia Reynolds Avatar
    Patricia R.

    Love Flyers the pizza is always good sandwiches as well. Delivery is usually timely within an hour. – 9/18/2021

    Anthony Day Avatar
    Anthony D.

    Mozzarella sticks, mac n cheese bites, and chicken tenders were god awful. Thin crust pepperoni pizza was good but prefer donatos. After a few… read more – 9/17/2021

  • Kurt Bohman Avatar
    Kurt B.

    My family and I are long time customers, because we absolutely love their pizza. Though the pizza is always great, the one we got today… read more – 9/11/2021

    Ian Thomas Avatar
    Ian T.

    I’ve ordered many a pie from here. I’ve tried all the crusts, all of the specialty pizzas, a few of the non-pizzas. The quality is… read more – 9/09/2021

    Ian T. Avatar
    Ian T.

    I’ve ordered many a pie from here. I’ve tried all the crusts, all of the specialty pizzas, a few of the non-pizzas. The quality is… read more – 9/09/2021

  • Maurice Cooper Avatar
    Maurice C.

    This location is the best! 5-star service every visit! You’re treated like family. – 9/08/2021

    Terrence V. Avatar
    Terrence V.

    As chain pizza goes, Flyers is one of the better ones. Pizza bombs are a yummy snack, and work sometimes gets us pizza for lunch…. read more – 8/28/2021

    Beth Hurdle Avatar
    Beth H.

    Seriously the best pizza. Nice and thin but not crispy which is my favorite. Nicest people that work there too. Super polite. – 8/21/2021

  • Richard K Avatar
    Richard K.

    My son and I had the Nightmare sub and my wife had grilled chicken sub and DIL had club sub. Sandwiches very good and homemade… read more – 8/16/2021

    XRandomaxeX Avatar

    Not sure if Flyers is the best pizza in Columbus since it’s the only one I’ve had while coming through, but it stacks up… read more – 8/16/2021

    Stephanie Stephanie Avatar
    Stephanie S.

    Love this shop. I’m a regular customer. The Cobb salad is incredible. Best salad in Columbus and excellent value for the money…. read more – 8/15/2021

  • PA Z Avatar
    PA Z.

    I haven’t eaten at a Flyer’s in 10+ years, still tasty and super super clean. Staff is awesome and positive and friendly like I remember…. read more – 8/12/2021

    Patricia Crum Avatar
    Patricia C.

    Best pizza and subs ever I ordered there all the time and you have to try the three cheese bread it’s amazing – 8/05/2021

    rxpriest Avatar

    Grew up with flyers and hadn’t had it since I was little. Grabbed a pizza and wings for some friends and I and it was… read more – 7/31/2021

  • Timothy Kennaley Avatar
    Timothy K.

    Great experience for dining. I didnt realize until after ordering that I can go next door, get a beer and order my pizza from the… read more – 7/28/2021

    Teresa Duncan Avatar
    Teresa D.

    The service was over the top! I wish I would have gotten the girl’s name. Pizza was great! Loved the funnel fries! – 7/24/2021

    Leah Duncan Avatar
    Leah D.

    We really liked this place. The staff were so friendly and really went above and beyond. The decor was very neat and the restaurant was… read more – 7/23/2021

  • Kenya Banks Avatar
    Kenya B.

    Pizza good, sauce a little sweet, I always ask for light sauce. I miss the whole wheat crust pizza they used to have . They… read more – 7/16/2021

    jeremy johnson Avatar
    jeremy j.

    Have been eating Flyers in West Jefferson for the past 35 years and will continue to stop in whenever the opportunity arrises.
    Great food that is…
    read more
    – 7/07/2021

    Clarence Jones Avatar
    Clarence J.

    I love it everything be on point and every time I’m up here I get a pizza and wings and take it back to Alabama… read more – 7/06/2021

  • Jason Burch Avatar
    Jason B.

    Clicked the wrong stars earlier! Definitely 5 stars for the pizza buffet at lunch. They keep it well stocked, comes with a drink, and has… read more – 7/05/2021

    Nicole Sunderhaus Avatar
    Nicole S.

    Amazing pizza and even more amazing staff! Cool environment too! We were in town from Cincinnati to go to the Columbus Zoo. We decided to… read more – 7/03/2021

    Bob Warren Avatar
    Bob W.

    Lunch buffet is open M, W, F and always has more than just pizza. I have never been disappointed with any of the menu items. – 7/02/2021

  • david ricks Avatar
    david r.