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  • Miles Heather Avatar
    Miles H.

    Great local chain, I mostly get their subs and strombolis, but everything on the menu has been pretty good. – 5/16/2022

    David Brown Avatar
    David B.

    Always fresh an hot! Tastes great! The kids love the mystery pizza! – 4/03/2022

    Jon Barnette Avatar
    Jon B.

    For a small town Pizza place with plenty of local pizza competition, this place holds their own. Their pizza is really good, the place was… read more – 3/31/2022

  • Jeff Finley Avatar
    Jeff F.

    We had one of the best experiences I have ever had from a pizza joint last night. When we called and ordered they told us… read more – 3/23/2022

    John Ewalt Avatar
    John E.

    Great experience. Customer service was good,Pizza was good. We will be back. – 3/18/2022

    Sarah Overholser Avatar
    Sarah O.

    Employees are very friendly and always helpful. Food is great, always hot but not always accurate. I tend to ask for extras and am… read more – 3/17/2022

  • Aimee Graves Avatar
    Aimee G.

    FLYERS IS CLASSIC!!! Love thier Classic Italian subs & Sausage Pizza!!!! My fav!!! Soo good! And you get a FREE Med size 1 topping pizza… read more – 3/12/2022

    Jay Hick Avatar
    Jay H.

    Their pizza is really good. The service is unreal. Emma is so nice. Its rare to find someone so sweet at a pizza place or… read more – 3/11/2022

    Zack K Avatar
    Zack K.

    Super friendly employees and solid pizza. Fast delivery too. Usually order here every Friday! – 3/11/2022

  • joe stierhoff Avatar
    joe s.

    Great place try the nightmare sub… its really great 👍 – 3/06/2022

    Jeff Fletcher Avatar
    Jeff F.

    Good pizza and subs. Funny thing about eating in. Order what you want and if your lucky you’ll get it. – 3/05/2022

    Holly Shepherd Avatar
    Holly S.

    I love flyers pizza! We been eating here for years. The staff is always friendly. And food is ready on time. – 3/01/2022

  • Larry Bartholomew Avatar
    Larry B.

    Pretty good! Have been consistent last couple years that I’ve been going. Always correct on order, no complaints…
    Love the drive-thru window. …
    read more
    – 2/26/2022

    Vickie Dixon Avatar
    Vickie D.

    Only one thing to say here yummy yummy for my tummy LOL – 2/22/2022

    Austin Phillips Avatar
    Austin P.

    Great neighborhood pizza place. I like their thicker cut pizza. – 2/19/2022

  • Chelsie Garcia Avatar
    Chelsie G.

    One of my favorite pizza places in this area. They have the crumble sausage which is so good imo. The last time I ordered from… read more – 2/18/2022

    Mine ur Business Avatar
    Mine u.

    Love this place. They have a awesome lunch buffet from 11 to 2 Monday Wen and Friday. – 2/11/2022

    Michelle BROWN Avatar
    Michelle B.

    Ordered pizza this evening and as always both pizzas were delicious and our delivery guy in the red Truck was awesome. Next level of customer… read more – 2/08/2022

  • Noah Wurl Avatar
    Noah W.

    fantastic pizza and abolutely outstanding customer service.
    I tried their Meat-za and cheese garlic bread and funnel cake sticks. All were fantastic!
    – 2/07/2022

    Greg Sheriff Avatar
    Greg S.

    Best pizza place hands down for the past 25 years. Stopped eating gluten about 4 months ago. Being able to have Flyers pizza still is… read more – 2/07/2022

    Cindy Bowling Avatar
    Cindy B.

    Just want to give a big thank you to you for waiting for my son to get his food last night didn’t think we’d have… read more – 2/05/2022

  • Michelle BROWN Avatar
    Michelle B.

    Ordered pizza this evening and as always both pizzas were delicious and our delivery guy in the red was awesome. Next level of customer service…. read more – 2/04/2022

    graciela gastelu Avatar
    graciela g.

    Pizzas are good but it definitely stands out because of it’s service!!!
    Always very good service. Haven’t been able to dine in because of covid but…
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    – 2/02/2022

    Candice Howell Avatar
    Candice H.

    I loved my first visit to Flyer’s pizza! The young man waiting on me appeared to be training, but his trainer was very good with… read more – 2/01/2022

  • Valerie Fritz Avatar
    Valerie F.

    Our mom past away and we needed a place big enough to gather after the service. We had several people from out if town. So… read more – 1/31/2022

    Autumn Stone Avatar
    Autumn S.

    We ordered pizza for a party at my work!! Everyone was really pleased with the delicious food. The salads were a huge hit, the funnel… read more – 1/29/2022


    Heard about this place through a Facebook pizza centric group.
    Ordered old world pep (sausage added to one side) and the garlic chicken pizza with everything…
    read more
    – 1/21/2022

  • Gary Yurco Avatar
    Gary Y.

    Love Flyers pizza. Stopped in early, when they first opened. Not busy yet. Keegan was perfect. Personable and efficient. Thank you Keegan. She was on… read more – 1/05/2022

    B Finger Avatar
    B F.

    Had a great time. Had small room to ourselves to watch football and had fun with friends. Lots of pizza choices. Staff very accommodating. – 1/04/2022

    Robert Parkey Avatar
    Robert P.

    Lived in Hilliard for 23 years and to this day, have gotten amazing quality pizza every single time – 12/29/2021

  • klackygears - James (klackygears) Avatar
    klackygears -.

    Consistently delicious pizza, fast, and friendly staff. This place is great! – 12/29/2021

    Elizabeth Austin Avatar
    Elizabeth A.

    great pizza! really nice staff and they take care of you. – 12/28/2021

    Shianne James Avatar
    Shianne J.

    Food is amazing
    Flyers is our fav.
    They need to update the dining room hours at this location. That’s why the four stars. Other than that def…
    read more
    – 12/21/2021

  • Angelo Serra Avatar
    Angelo S.

    Fast, friendly service. Nice to know that have a good space to eat in as well. Takeout was era easy, and was… read more – 12/15/2021

    Marcia Dawson Avatar
    Marcia D.

    Very very good. I don’t live by them anymore. Give them a try. Loved the pizza and Italian subs were great! – 12/14/2021

    Steve Wohlwend Avatar
    Steve W.